Error codes on washing machine

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Is there an error code on your washing machine? Find out what different error codes mean.

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Code Meaning Solution
E1 Alarm for abnormal water flow. Check the water tap is open or not.
E2 Water hasn't drained properly. Check the water sensor and drain pump.
E3 Alarm for lid not closed before wash and spin. Close the lid, Press "Start" button
E4 Unbalanced drum. Manually balance clothes in the drum by hands.
E5 High current error Check motor
E6 EMC error Check motor / PCB
E8 Motor error  
E9 Water level sensor  
F01 Filling issue  
F02 Drain issue  
F04 Door open  
F05 NTC short or open circuit  
F06 Does not heat  
F08 Motor  
F09 Motor failed to reverse  
F10 PCB fail  
F11 PCB fail  
F12 Display board fail  
C03 Imbalance load  
IE Water inlet error  
UE Unbalance error  
LE Door open error  
H2 Thermistor error  
H4 Thermistor over heat error  
H5 Water temp error Check thermistor
H6 Heater failed to heat in 15 minutes  
H8 Heater operated without water  
IB PCB error  
PFE Pump filter error