Dedicated AirFry Basket and Function

The specifically designed mesh AirFry basket and dedicated AirFry function circulates hot air around the cavity, creating a 360 degree cooking environment. Ensuring your food is crispy and crunchy on the outside whilst remaining juicy on the inside.

Healthier Frying

Use air to fry, not oil. Achieve crunchy cooking results without excessive use of oil and taste the difference of lighter, healthier food.

Not Just Chips

AirFry technology is not just for chips and nuggets. Try your favourite sticky pork belly bites, home made sausage rolls or succulent crispy skin salmon and discover the incredible versatility of air fry cooking.

Save on Space, Not on Crunch

Built-In Airfry not only gives you extra space to cook more air fry meals, but helps clear your bench and cupboards of a bulky benchtop air fryer.